Performance Santa Fe
Daniil Trifonov

Tuesday, May 1, 2018 7:30PM
Lensic Performing Arts Center

Performance Santa Fe<br>
Daniil Trifonov
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BERG: Piano Sonata, Op. 1
PROKOFIEV: Sarcasms, Op.17
BARTÓK: Out of Doors
COPLAND: Piano Variations, 1930
MESSIAEN: Selections fromVingt regards sur I'Enfant-Jésus
LIGETI: Selections from Musica ricercata
STOCKHAUSEN:Klavierstück I
JOHN ADAMS: China Gates
JOHN CORIGLIANO: Fantasia on an Ostinato
THOMAS ADÈS: Traced Overhead

Moments before Daniil Trifonov performs, profound silence invariably takes possession of his audience. Its intensity depends not on concert hall convention; rather, it arises naturally from the Russian pianist’s power to transcend the mundane and communicate music’s timeless capacity to bind communities together. Out of that silence comes a rare kind of music-making.